Nadeau, Furniture With a Soul

Located in a large warehouse in Dallas’ Design District, Nadeau Furniture With a Soul is one of the leading importers of solid hardwood furniture from India and Indonesia.

Now open to the general public, after years of selling exclusively “to the trade”, you can still take advantage of Nadeau’s wholesale pricing. Their inventory includes bookcases, dining tables, consoles, buffets and more, with both natural and painted finishes.

Residential warehouse lofts tend to have little, or no interior wall separation, so defining each living area in a loft can be difficult. With high ceilings and nothing but wide open space, it’s often hard for my clients to visualize furniture in a loft. Below, I’ve selected several pieces from Nadeau’s current inventory that would be ideal for loft living.

Bookcase $515 – Perfect for creating privacy, and separating your bedroom area from the kitchen and dining space.

Dining Table $363 – Lofts typically have the kitchen situated along one wall. A large dining table placed parallel to the kitchen is the perfect buffer between the living and dining areas.

Kitchen Island w/ Marble Top $340 – This kitchen island can provide additional counter space, storage, and can easily double as a breakfast table or bar area.

When each new shipment arrives, Nadeau posts several items to feature on their photobucket account. Because each container received has unique items, if something catches your eye be sure to grab it while available! Dallas Nadeau is located at 1128 Longpoint Ave. and is open Monday through Saturday 10-4.

  • Anonymous

    I am a local retailer and I liked Nadeau better when they were a wholesale company. Now that my customers can buy direct from their warehouse at the same price as me, I have dropped their product from my sales floor. Additionally, BUYER BEWARE…all sales from Nadeau are final… that includes any pieces that may split or come apart from poor workmanship. Once a piece is in your possession, it is yours. Believe me, Misty and Nicolle rigidly enforce this policy! It all boils down to "you get what you pay for"

  • Chase

    As a retailer, I can understand why you wouldn't be a fan of Nadeau selling wholesale furniture to the public. However, for the rest of us, it's great to be able to buy quality furniture without the retail mark-up. Further, your comment is very hypocritical, because you admitted to carrying Nadeau's products in your own store (obviously with a profit margin) prior to them opening up to the public. My experience has been that Misty and Nicolle are very friendly & helpful, and clear with their no return policy. I have several pieces of furniture from Nadeau in my own home that have held up great over the years.

  • Florence Carole

    Like Chase, I sometimes prefer buying furniture without the retail mark-up. The dining table and chairs pictured above are gorgeous, and I think they used a wood that'll make the table last longer.

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