First Look at April and May Loft Availability in Deep Ellum

Anyone who has been searching for lofts in Dallas over the past few months has probably noticed how little there is to choose from. The rental market in Dallas is stronger now than I’ve seen in years and many of the properties, especially lofts, are hovering around 95 – 100% occupancy.

To help ease your search, I am going to start posting availability to our blog, facebook and twitter pages regularly. If you’re not already a fan on facebook, please like us to receive these updates!

Here’s a compiled list of the lofts in Deep Ellum and what they have coming up in the next 60 days. I’ll add to this list as I hear about them:

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1080 sqft loft for $1250/month – Available 4/10
1316 sqft loft for $1400/month – Available 4/25
760 sqft for $950/month – Available 5/10
806 sqft for $1050/month – Available 5/17
1245 sqft for $1300/month – Available now
1066 sqft for $1175/month – Available now
1115  sqft for $1200/month – Available 5/10
1069 sqft for $1443/month – Available 4/11
1324 sqft for $1550/month – Available 5/10

more to come..