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Frank Neon Sign Co Lofts – Live/Work
Jan 15, 2022 Chase Heckendorn

It’s not often we have the opportunity to work with privately owned loft buildings in Dallas these days. Rising rental demand and new construction has dominated the headlines in recent […]

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Bishop Arts Live/Work Lofts!
Feb 11, 2021 Chase Heckendorn

Finally. Someone did it. The creative space we all need. In the perfect neighborhood for creatives. While Deep Ellum is still home to the vast majority of live/work space, the […]

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Live/Work Lofts in the Village
Jan 28, 2021 Chase Heckendorn

You read that correctly. Live/work lofts. In the Village. If you’ve driven through the Village neighborhood anytime in the last couple of years you’ve undoubtedly noticed the construction & new […]

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Harwood Studio Lofts | Unit #12
Nov 17, 2020 Chase Heckendorn

Split-level lofts are a hot commodity these days & it’s not often that we find them in the $1200 range anymore. Harwood Studio Lofts is a unique 13-unit, privately owned […]

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1000+ SQFT Loft on Elm Street
Oct 16, 2020 Chase Heckendorn

Today, we’re featuring a 1000+ sqft loft space in one of Deep Ellum’s smaller residential communities. Centrally located loft on Elm Street with a private residents-only garage on the 1st […]

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