Loft Decorating Ideas

Loft Decorating Ideas

June 8, 2010
Melissa Heckendorn
Dallas LoftsDecorating

No question loft living is unique. Decorating a loft offers artists, photographers and creative types the opportunity to express their individuality. The more “decorating challenged”, however, may find the wide open spaces a bit overwhelming. A typical warehouse or industrial loft is going to have either concrete or original hardwood flooring and is usually one open space with soaring ceilings.

Room definition can be created with the use of different area rugs, which also helps to visually warm the space and absorb sound. The use of bookcases, screens or other large furniture pieces can create “walls” to provide separation between the living and bedroom areas. Those looking to create a more eclectic look may opt for screens made from corrugated metal or other natural materials such as salvaged architectural pieces or doors.

Most lofts have the kitchen situated along one wall and open to the living areas, which invites the addition of a free standing kitchen island or bar to offer more space for food prep or socialization. If size is not an issue, the use of a large, antique farm table is ideal for separating the kitchen visually.

With soaring ceilings there is ample wall space to display either multiple pieces of artwork or stand large mirrors or canvases against the exposed brick walls. Typical lofts can handle a couple of oversized pieces of furniture as well, such as a buffet or armoire which serves double duty as additional storage.

The range of styles and options for materials and furnishings is what makes loft living so appealing. The loft dweller is not held to traditional decorating ideas.