Lighting for Your Loft
Jan 15, 2015 Chase Heckendorn

High ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, open space and a lack of interior walls are unique design elements that draw homeowners to rehabbed loft apartments.  To keep that open feel, […]

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Ideal Loft Kitchens
Sep 06, 2012 Chase Heckendorn

The kitchen…it is the one room to which everyone gravitates no matter if it is a party, a family dinner, or simply friends having a cup of coffee and some […]

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Storage in Loft Apartments
Aug 31, 2012 Chase Heckendorn

Vintage warehouses and office buildings converted into loft apartments are a huge trend in most cities today.  The one common thread throughout all lofts, no matter how large or how […]

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Decorating Your New Loft Apartment – Defining Your Loft Decorating Style
Aug 20, 2012 Chase Heckendorn

Now that you have moved into your new loft apartment and finished the layout of furniture and room divisions, it is time for the most fun part of the process…. […]

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Designing a Loft Apartment
Aug 09, 2012 Chase Heckendorn

Over the past few years, developers and builders have begun converting old warehouses and factories into loft apartments.  Mostly in large metro areas, these lofts radiate a chic and urban […]

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