Ideal Loft Kitchens

Ideal Loft Kitchens

September 6, 2012
Chase Heckendorn

The kitchen…it is the one room to which everyone gravitates no matter if it is a party, a family dinner, or simply friends having a cup of coffee and some conversation.  It is also typically the most talked about room in the home (at least with women).  Face it – you have your ideal or perfect kitchen in your head and what you want in it.  When you live in an urban loft apartment, you have certain elements that must be taken into consideration to keep the individuality and characteristics of the loft while, at the same time, make it  a perfect loft kitchen.  It requires that you think out of the box a little.  Here are some important points and ideas to help you on your journey to complete satisfaction in loft living.

Space.  Whether you have a small loft or one that covers a whole floor, the space is what drew you to that property.  Because of this, there are several points to consider when designing ideal loft kitchens.  To keep the open feel, especially in a smaller loft, flush the kitchen against the walls.  It does two things:  allows you room to work in what can be a small area and showcases the kitchen by framing it with the loft’s unique qualities like open brick walls.  The idea is for the kitchen to blend into the aesthetic appeal of the loft yet still be a great looking kitchen.  For larger lofts where space is not an issue, the kitchen is a great focal point since everyone settles there.

Design Elements.  So many urban lofts have that contemporary look or at least add contemporary elements.  Loft kitchens are the best places to achieve the balance with cabinets that are subtle show stoppers, granite or other natural stone countertops and stainless steel appliances.  Additionally, make sure you choose the right lighting fixtures that complement the kitchen and serve their intended purpose of providing ample lighting around the work area.

Fixtures and Furniture with a Purpose.  In our blog last week, we talked about ways to create storage in lofts  and how most furniture is multi-purpose.  The same concept applies with using furniture and fixtures in loft kitchens. Because space is usually an issue, everything in a loft needs to serve more than one purpose.  Anyone who spends a decent amount of time in a kitchen always wants more counter space.  People who live in lofts are the best at creating ways to get more.   A great idea is to have a large kitchen table with a good working surface like stainless steel so that it can double as workspace.  On the flipside, make the most of an island by using it as a place to eat with stools or chairs around it.

As with any other part of a loft apartment, creativity is the key to having the perfect kitchen.  It is the one area where the most concentration and time are spent to achieve the look and function of the most popular place in the home.