Storage in Loft Apartments

Storage in Loft Apartments

August 31, 2012
Chase Heckendorn
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Vintage warehouses and office buildings converted into loft apartments are a huge trend in most cities today.  The one common thread throughout all lofts, no matter how large or how small, is that there is a lack of storage space.

Ideas for Storage in a Loft

Loft dwellers must learn the fine art of creating storage that compliments the atmosphere.  So we thought would give you some ideas that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as provide places to put things so that they are not scattered about creating clutter.

Furniture.  Growing up, a friend of mine had what I thought was the “neatest” bed with drawers built into the base.  Because furniture needs to be functional as well as good looking, beds with built in drawers and even shelves around the headboard are great ways to provide a place for clothing, magazines, and more.

Another idea is a long table with a wine rack underneath the surface.  In a smaller kitchen with very little room, this table is perfect to use as a countertop or workspace and also provides a place for wine bottles. Basically, when looking at furniture, think of ways it can serve several purposes.


Room Dividers.  A few weeks ago, we showed you some great ideas for room dividers.   Not only do they create rooms, they have other functions as well.  Shelving units are a great way to have storage areas for books, magazines, kitchen ware and more.  The best part is that you can be creative with your displays by adding decorative knick-knacks or showcasing fun and colorful dinnerware.  Just think about what you want to do and try to visualize it in your head.  As with most any decorating and design elements, the key is to make it look casual or like you just “stuck it there” even though you moved things around 434 times before you decided everything was in its place.  Oh, and take a picture so that when you take everything down to dust (yes, you have to dust shelves), you know where to put everything back.


Hanging Storage.  While space can be an issue in a loft apartment, one thing for sure is that there is plenty of it above as most lofts have huge, high ceilings.  You need to take advantage of this enormous area that is probably the primary reason you wanted a loft in the first place.  The kitchen is a great place to use the upper area by hanging decorative pot racks or shelves with heavy rope, chains or cables to hold dinnerware.  Retailers are great at using the overhead areas.   As always, make sure that everything out in the open looks good and lends itself well to the look of the loft.  Keep the hodge-podge of company coffee mugs, plastic tumblers and mismatched plates behind cabinet doors.




Less Stuff.  A perfect way to use space effectively is to get rid of the things you do not need or find ways to fit something in the space differently than you normally would.  For example, to do away with floor lamps which take up a lot of space think about smaller pendant lights hanging from a cable or monorail over an area.  While it might mean a little more in terms of electrical wiring, it will free up space so that you have that open, lofty feel.

Think Multi-Purpose

The key with loft living is creativity.  Using your imagination along with a little planning and forethought goes a long way.  Loft apartments are typically some of the coolest places to live.  Just make sure that everything has more than one purpose even though  it does not feel that way when you are there.  Enjoy your home.