Do-It-Yourself Creative Dividing Walls

Do-It-Yourself Creative Dividing Walls

August 1, 2012
Chase Heckendorn

One of the most popular and growing housing styles today is lofts in warehouse or rehabbed industrial districts of major metro areas like in Deep Ellum in Dallas.  These massive lofts are typically one huge room or floor that encompasses a living area, dining area, kitchen and sometimes even a bedroom.  Therefore, creative dividing walls become a way to create the atmosphere of a space with separate rooms.

Dividing walls are great ways to separate areas of a loft and give the illusion of several rooms when, in fact, the loft is only one space.  There are tons of do it yourself creative dividing walls other than a simple folding screen between two rooms.  All it takes is a little creativity, a lot of patience…and the help of some friends.  Check out the ideas below to get some ideas of dividing walls.

A Simple Fabric Divider

This kind of dividing wall has so many possibilities and works fabulously in a warehouse loft.  It is an ideal and inexpensive way to create two areas while adding color to each one.

There are several ways to add color with the fabric you decide to use.  By using a somewhat sheer fabric or having two different fabrics sewn back to back so that each room has its own identity, you can create two rooms with a simple hanging divider.


Window Pane Dividing Wall

For a rehabbed loft, creating a room divider using window panes is such a cool idea.  Here the dividing wall separated the living and dining area.  Even though the space looked kind of smaller than most lofts, the use of the window panes created separation while still allowing the room to keep a larger and open feel to it.

Adding shelves along the side is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  It gives it some strength and, of course, more space to decorate!  Shelves are a best friend to designers!


Shutter Dividers

A common fixture in many lofts is the dreaded folding shutter divider.  While it can fit the look of some design aesthetics, it offers a very dated look.  Here, a new take on the shutter divider is to put several old and worn shutters of different colors and sizes together to create a dividing wall.

It can easily translate from an outside porch like the one in the picture to a warehouse loft.  It takes a more advanced DIYer but none the less, it will create a lot of conversation and lead to friends trying to replicate it.

So Many Ideas

Creating a dividing wall does not have to be a hassle.  There are so many ideas out there and more that have not been discovered.  One thing at which DIYers are good is thinking out of the box.  Depending on your decorating abilities and ingenuity, creating dividing walls is a great way to give your home individuality which is the one thing that loft apartments must have.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different items and ideas.  You never know what you might create.