Lighting for Your Loft

Lighting for Your Loft

January 15, 2015
Chase Heckendorn
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High ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, open space and a lack of interior walls are unique design elements that draw homeowners to rehabbed loft apartments.  To keep that open feel, the lighting must do its job but not obstruct or clutter the space.  Knowing how to use it to enhance the open space as well as have it blend into the look and atmosphere is a key factor in the aesthetic appeal of the loft.  With the growing popularity of loft apartments in major metro areas, the lighting industry is accommodating the need for more modern fixtures.

Many owners of loft apartments make the mistake of placing floor lamps throughout the loft to provide light.  The best options to enhance the open space are track, cable and monorail lighting as they are modern and sleek in their appearance and provide lots of light without being obtrusive and taking over the area. When adding lighting to your loft, be sure to take these tips into consideration.


Monorail and Cable Lighting.  These types of lighting are more contemporary where shapeable metallic rails have two purposes: hold or suspend the light fixtures and provide power to the fixtures.  Monorail and cable lighting are very accommodating in that they can be hung in a straight rail across the length of an area with small fixtures or pendant lights placed across the rails or they can be shaped in a curved and hung over a specific area like a kitchen counter.  Additionally, even though they are subtle in their appearance, they definitely make a statement to the atmosphere of the loft.  They are also very unobtrusive and allow the open space of a loft to keep that WOW factor.

Track Lighting.  Track lighting has long been a favorite for homeowners who are in the renovation mode or are building a new home.  Over the past few years, track lighting has come into its own by being redesigned to be smaller and more subtle instead of the huge awkward lights of the past.  Track lighting usually has a specific purpose such as showcasing artwork or lighting an area like a hallway.  It is important to point out that with track lighting, the wiring is usually already in place from another ceiling fixture.  This is sometimes a hindrance in lofts simply because the ceilings can be very high.  To remedy this, an interesting place for small track lighting is under kitchen cabinets to light countertops where wiring is run behind the cabinets to a power source.

Pendant Lighting.  Because loft apartments are, for the most part, designed from rehabbed warehouses, pendant light fixtures hung from the ceiling replace the old industrial lighting used to light an entire room.  Pendant lighting is very affable to any type of design aesthetic as there are so many types of fixtures.

Decorative Lighting.  Finally, another thing that lighting can do is to help create the atmosphere of smaller “rooms in a large loft apartment.  Smaller table lamps set on a sofa table or end table provide intimate lighting for an area or placed on a sideboard in a dining area create the appearance of a dining room.  The key is to make sure they accent the area and, as we said before, don’t take over the space.  This also allows less lighted areas to draw attention to the lighted spaces.

Making Light of the Loft

Lighting is one of the most important elements of design in a loft apartment.  It takes time and thought to make sure the types you select add to the loft rather than overtake it.  In order to select the ideal lighting fixtures, the best thing is to sit in your loft at different times of day to see how the natural light comes in and go from there to select the best lighting options.  You want to choose the right light fixtures as well as place them in the best positions to maximize their purpose and showcase their appeal.  Explore your options and select the lighting that best fits the personality of your loft while still doing its job.