Decorating Your New Loft Apartment – Defining Your Loft Decorating Style

Decorating Your New Loft Apartment – Defining Your Loft Decorating Style

August 20, 2012
Chase Heckendorn
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Now that you have moved into your new loft apartment and finished the layout of furniture and room divisions, it is time for the most fun part of the process…. loft decorating!!  This is where a home becomes YOUR home and reflects YOUR personality.  People have a definite style they like whether it is contemporary, traditional, eclectic/rustic or other style.  Rather than let it become stressful and somewhat intimidating, take your time with it.  Make sure you have an idea as to what you like, pour through magazines, get ideas online and go from there.  Below are some helpful ideas to consider when you are decorating your loft apartment.

Contemporary.  This can be the easiest as well as the hardest style with which to work. If you want a contemporary-styled loft, you want it to have a chic and effortless look to it and that requires a lot of forethought.  While it is typically a minimalist look in that there is a lot of empty space, accessorizing is very specific so that what you use is a focal point.  For example, a sculpture on a coffee table may be placed on a stack of “coffee table books” and be the only thing there, but your eyes are drawn straight to the sculpture.  Also, keep the furniture lines lean and straight furniture as well as that of lamps and lighting and other accessories.  Contemporary style usually includes soft, neutral tones for walls, window treatments and furniture with a splash of bright color usually in the form of throw pillows, artwork, and fabrics.  Another favorite for contemporary stylists is using metals, stone, and other natural elements.  Make sure that each room flows from one to another so you prevent your home from looking “choppy.”

Traditional.   Perhaps the most common style of décor, a traditional aesthetic today reflects a modern look.  In the past, traditional designs had a more formal and elegant look.  In today’s world, you can think a little out of the box by thinking beyond the typical traditional look and incorporating a modern flair with contemporary or rustic accessories.  With traditional, there is more accessorizing with candlesticks, gold leaf mirror and frames, complimenting fabrics and basically, more stuff.  Throw pillows are very common accessory and add flair to your traditional loft.  Just don’t forget to lightly fluff them in the middle so they have a more casual “lived-in” look.  Make sure to follow the same principles of the décor and accessories having a specific purpose as well as the rooms flowing from one to the other.

Rustic.  Lofts are typically located in rehabbed factories and warehouses.  Because of this, there is a lot of history that you can use as a basis for your style.  Using open brick walls, exposed pipes, iron beams and columns from which you can build is a great start.  In terms of wall hangings, lamps, tables and other accessories, décor can go either more traditional or more contemporary.  It is easy to intertwine the other aesthetics with the rustic feel.  And, as always, think how the entire living space flows.


Anything Goes

In today’s interior design world, it has become more and more common to mix design aesthetics.  In looking at loft apartment design, we came across a website, that showed how a loft applied a mix of all design aesthetics.  You just need to give things a try.  If you are not sure, seek the assistance of friends and, if necessary, a decorator.  Just keep in mind that you want your living space to reflect you.  Don’t be afraid to give something a twist.  The worst to happen is that it does not work and you try again.  Decorating is a learning process.  Even the most successful designers try new things only to try again.  HAVE FUN!!!