Top Tips To Help Furnish A Studio Apartment

Top Tips To Help Furnish A Studio Apartment

September 10, 2012
Chase Heckendorn

Studio apartments are an extremely popular choice for young people just starting out as a stepping stone, or for those who are recently single and who want to downsize, someone who travels a lot and just needs a base, in fact, and anyone who doesn’t want or need the space of a larger property.

By default, studio apartments are small spaces. If furnished correctly, you can maximise the space available turning it into a convenient and comfortable living space.  Here are our top tips for reducing clutter to get the most out of your studio apartment;

  • Out With The Old In With The New

With a reduction in space you are going to need to lose a few possessions. This may be difficult but unless you have somewhere secure and easily accessible to store all these things, you will have to get rid of them. If you can’t face throwing them away, donate them to charity or do a car boot, this will lighten the load when it comes to moving day and give you more room in your new apartment. When it comes to choosing new furniture, it is important to consider the size of the apartment, do not go for anything too cumbersome that will take up unnecessary space.

  • Create More Space Without Compromising On Existing Space

Studio apartments will almost certainly limit your furniture choices but there are a lot of innovative space saving furniture you can buy to increase your storage without taking up all the room. Beds with built in storage underneath are an excellent option, as are inexpensive plastic boxes that can be easily stored and stacked up. Shelving can provide space for belongings without compromising on the space of the room. Opt for height and depth rather than width with your storage solutions; this will create added storage space without losing the available space. Adding a few mirrors will create the illusion of space, they also brighten up a small, dark space.

  • Double Up

A futon makes an excellent bed cum sofa all in one. A storage chest can double up as a coffee table as well as somewhere to store belongings Ottomans, some footstools can double up as an additional seat as well as storage. Shoe racks can be used to store magazines and newspapers. An extendable dining table is a great addition to your studio apartment; it can be extended out for extra space when entertaining guests. Bean bags make a fun alternative to occasional seating.

  • Keep It Light

The colour scheme of your apartment is extremely important. Dark colours will make the space appear small and dark, go for neutral, pastel colours which will expand the space and make it look large. Opt for roller blinds, these will add a contemporary feel to your studio apartment and will allow a natural flow of light and take up less room than heavy curtains.

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Photo: Grand Holidays Club