Uptown Dallas Apartments guide to designing  your Bachelor Pad

Uptown Dallas Apartments guide to designing your Bachelor Pad

September 20, 2012
Chase Heckendorn

At a certain point in a mans life they realize that they are too old to be living with their parents or roommates. Besides, men need to have their own place to grow. For most men, living in a personal bachelor pad is like a dream come true. At Dallas lofts we have some simple tips to create the perfect bachelor pad. Here are some must-have items that you will need to enhance your new Uptown Dallas apartments:

The Sofa
Most interior designers will tell you that the first thing you should purchase is a good sofa. Centering the design of the loft around the sofa will make it easier for you to find a style you like. Its smart to invest more time and money in finding the right one. The sofa is the one thing you will use more than anything, and the first thing your guests will notice.

If you want extra seating, beanbags are an inexpensive and practical choice. They give a casual look to the loft and are very comfortable. Also, bean bags have come a long way since the primary-color bags of 90’s and you can find them in many different fabrics, colors and designs.


Espresso Machine.
An espresso machine adds style to a bachelor pad, especially if you’re a coffee lover. A good quality espresso machine will serve your early morning needs and impress your guests as well. Not only can a delicious cup of your favorite coffee improve your day, it also saves you time in the mornings.

Electronics are essential for any bachelor pad, as they give a sophisticated look to your home. First, a flat-screen TV is stylish and provides entertainment for you as well as your friends. A good sound system always comes in handy to play some relaxing music or in case you have an unexpected gathering in your pad. A Gaming console is great to spend time with friends and relax, most of them work as a DVD player too so it’s a smart investment. Furthermore, when installing electronics to make your bachelor pad look trendy and stylish, make sure all the wires are hidden to look organized and clean.


Mini Bar

Mini bar is a statement that every bachelor pad should have. It doesn’t matter if you consume or not but its always handy for when guests come over. Stock a few assorted liquors to cover most people’s tastes, some glasses, a decanter, and a set of bar utensils.



Personal Touch
Adding pictures and details through out your bachelor pad that identify with your personality is a must. People should recognize your bachelor pad from any other. And it will give guests an idea of what kind of person you are. Real Estate expert Terry K O’Connor-Teperman says, “When creating your own bachelor pad, get in touch with what it is you want to create…what is your authentic self-style? Sit down, get quiet, get clear, envision and then decorate”

These are just some ideas. When it comes to uptown Dallas apartments and lofts, we know that every person is different and will design their environment according to their style. That’s great, your bachelor pad should be a unique reflection of who you are. The key is to make your personal space comfortable and welcoming, not just for you but also to others.