The Best Reasons for Loft Living

The Best Reasons for Loft Living

October 11, 2012
Chase Heckendorn
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Over the past few years, loft living has grown by leaps and bounds in popularity.  It comes from an idea that people have of living in a cool, renovated warehouse building, and riding an old freight elevator up to a wide open space.  Lofts are, for the most part located in major metro areas like Dallas, New York, Chicago, and more.  Even today, high-rise office buildings are being converted into loft style apartments.  There are so many reasons that people love loft living that we thought we would highlight some of them.

First and foremost, the aesthetics of the living space are unique and one of a kind.   They vary in style but the common thread throughout all lofts is that they are like blank canvases.  You can pretty much create your own space with your personality.  The distinct characteristics already in place add to the atmosphere.  From open face brick walls exposed space, gigantic floor to ceiling windows, and most of all, the wide open space, there is so much that adds to the design of the loft.

Location is always a key reason to consider loft living.  Not only does the location of the actual loft apartment come into play, the location of the building is a key reason to consider a loft apartment.  Typically in larger metro areas, many loft apartments are located close to work and play.  For those who want to live in the middle of an urban area but cannot come to terms with the thought of a tiny closed in apartment, lofts are the ideal alternative.  Because they are usually in popular neighborhoods or communities, tenants and homeowners gravitate to lofts in order to have the best of both worlds.


With today’s workforce so technologically connected, many people have the luxury of working from home.  There is nothing better than an open living area that is large enough to provide a work space.  In the world of loft living, this is called a “live-work” loft.  Typically, there is more than enough room to cordon off a space devoted to work.  Bookshelves make great room dividers and provide ideal storage for materials and equipment needed for “the office.”  Because lofts were originally designed and built as offices or warehouses, it is very easy to convert a portion of it into an office or work space.  The best part is that with smart phones, wireless internet and other technological advances, there is no need to retrofit the space to accommodate hardware, wiring and more.

Most people have a secret wish to live in a loft at some point in their lives.  Every time I show a loft apartment, I think back to when I had the world by the tail and could live where I wanted to live.  I only wish that loft living had been as popular.

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