Uptown Dallas Apartments: Finding the Right Neighborhood in Dallas

Uptown Dallas Apartments: Finding the Right Neighborhood in Dallas

October 17, 2012
Chase Heckendorn
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Finding a place to live is one of the most exciting experiences a newcomer to the Dallas, Texas area can have. After all, Forbes has rated Dallas one of the top cities to live in among the country’s largest 25 cities. Top reasons for the honor include: proximity to universities, thriving arts and entertainment scene, affordable housing, job availability and a growing population. Even if you’re not new, but are considering moving to a new apartment or area, there are many aspects to consider before making your decision.  Uptown Dallas offers a variety of apartments, high rises and lofts and is one of the most desirable areas in the city. Other, slightly more affordable options are available in the adjacent areas, including Downtown, Design District, Deep Ellum and historic East Dallas.

According to local Resident Frances Jaye “One of the big benefits of living in Dallas is that we have two major airports, and we are able go anywhere anytime. The other benefit I really love is the awesome cost of living here. Single Family Homes and temporary homes are affordable and you get a lot of house for the money!

When it comes to Dallas, there are so many great neighborhoods from which to choose. Each with its personal significant characteristics, energy, strengths and weaknesses. Most Dallas neighborhoods have such vitality, and have so much going for them, that most people could settle down practically anywhere. However it’s the small personal differences and individual preferences that one should really consider when selecting the right neighborhood.

“Dallas is a great place to live because of the vast opportunities. From Uptown to Oakcliff there is culture, fashion, entertainment and art. Dallas’s economy is flourishing despite the nation’s economic climate and host one of the lowest gasoline averages in the nation. Not to mention the many great surrounding areas which are also home to numerous corporate headquarters. Awesome urban living with great shopping, colleges, universities, sports and large sized reasonably priced homes makes Dallas an amazing place to live.” Says native Brentney Parks

What Neighborhood Fits Best?

When deciding where to live, start by making a list of all the things you like to do, including those activities you want to be doing, but can’t because your current environment doesn’t provide that option. From nightlife to the great outdoors. Even though you may not always take advantage of all the opportunities that are available, do consider what the neighborhood offers when narrowing your housing search.

Uptown Dallas Apartments

Dallas has a world-renowned public transit system that gives you the flexibility to get to work or social activities. If you’re the type of person who likes to take public transit to work, avoiding traffic, parking fees, and rising gas prices, then living in Uptown Dallas can be the answer. Uptown Dallas Apartments are known for being located in the most pedestrian friendly neighborhood in Dallas, with exceptional dining options and retail ranging from small, local boutiques to high -end shops at the West Village.

If your career is the number one priority, then you’ll want to be in a place that has a lot of opportunity for growth in your field. Located near the financial district in Downtown Dallas, the area provides a short commute, with close proximity to sporting events and concerts.

Places to check out in Uptown:

Nick and Sams GrillKaty Trail Ice House
Bread Winners Uptown


West Village

Nodding Donkey Uptown

 Friends of Katy Trail


Deep Ellum Lofts

If you are attracted to the more eclectic areas,  filled with artists, photographers and more creative types, Deep Ellum is an excellent option.  Deep Ellum lofts are located in the heart of this vibrant neighborhood filled with live music venues, outdoor markets, bars and restaurants.  Loft living in Deep Ellum  fosters a real sense of community with many residents involved in community activities and organizations.

Places to check-out in Deep Ellum:

Trees Deep EllumSandbar CantinaDeep Ellum Brewing CompanyAllGood Cafe DallasCane Rosso Deep EllumDeep Ellum Urban Garden


Other people connect the perfect place to live by the amount of outdoor activities available, the number of days you can spend outside enjoying the weather and easy access to parks, lakes and all things green. If you’re into the great outdoors, you probably find a perfect place in White Rock Lake & Lakewood.

Finding a home can be a difficult undertaking, and determining which area is best for you can be as well. One of the advantages of Dallas is, its rich culture and accessibility to unique areas and neighborhoods. when it comes to looking for your next Apartment or lofts in Dallas take time to really analyze and study what area is best for you.