History of Deep Ellum lofts in Dallas

History of Deep Ellum lofts in Dallas

November 28, 2012
Chase Heckendorn
Deep Ellum

Many People ask us why Deep Ellum lofts in Dallas are so unique and special. The reason is simple, Deep Ellum is one of the oldest and most iconic neighborhoods in Dallas TX. It was established in the late 1800s as a residential and commercial neighborhood on the east side of downtown Dallas. Once known as “Central Track,” for it proximity to the Texas Central Railroad tracks the area was originally named Deep Elm, but the pronunciation “Deep Ellum” by locals transformed it into what we know it as today.

After the Civil War Deep Ellum was settled by freed slaves, and European immigrants making the area Dallas’ first commercial district. Because of its rapid growth, in 1888 Deep Ellum was home to the largest manufacturer factory of cotton-processing equipment in the United States. With time, thanks to the multicultural residents living in the neighborhood the area became known as a prime jazz and blues hotspot in the South. Iconic artists like Blind Lemon Jefferson played in Deep Ellum clubs placing Dallas in the map.

After WWI and the depression of the 1930’s many buildings where abandoned an unfortunately Deep Ellum became desolated and with a negative reputation.  But in the early 1980’s the city unveiled a plan to redevelop the area, taking advantage of the neighborhood’s history and hipster reputation to attract the Bohemian crowd. This brought a new wave of nightclubs, cafes, and galleries. Long vacant buildings were renovated to become upscale boutiques for a large and distinctive audience. Since then, the area has the city’s largest collection of commercial storefronts from the early 20th century and includes many buildings that are unique in their own way.

Pictures of Deep Ellum in the early 1900s:

Recently the city stimulated and invested in large scale residential, multi-family dwelling construction and Deep Ellum lofts in Dallas, in hopes of making it more attractive and financially successful. Historic warehouses and factory buildings have been renovated and adapted over the last decade to unique living areas, encouraging more people to move in. These buildings have a rich history that you can see in the character and charm of the designs. Making Deep Ellum lofts in Dallas the perfect living location.

Most of the people who have lived and grew up in the neighborhood are proud of what it has grow into and represents for Dallas. Prominent local figures such as Naima Williams of Twenty21 Entertainment say “I am Texas born and raised and after traveling around the country being on tour with a number of our artist I feel Dallas especially  Deep Ellum is so rich in culture. The live music venues are wonderful and create such a beautiful environment. The art and shopping I love with a passion; I can not see myself being anywhere else.” 

Now a days Deep Ellum is home to a variety of eclectic & creative people as well as rare local businesses. This neighborhood has an array of living options that vary from rooftop decks large open space lofts, and studio apartments. Previously known business warehouses and factories lofts Due to this Deep Ellum is one of the most historically significant neighborhoods in the city and a great place to live.