Top 5 Best Date Restaurants in Uptown Dallas

Top 5 Best Date Restaurants in Uptown Dallas

January 29, 2013
Chase Heckendorn
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If you ask anyone living in Uptown what their three favorite things are about the area, you are almost guaranteed to hear numerous comments about the dining and entertainment options that are within comfortable walking distance. Residents of any age will find countless amenities surrounding them in the neighborhood. With an almost unlimited supply of restaurants spread across Uptown, the culinary scene is among the best in all of Dallas. You can easily find restaurants serving nearly any kind of food that you can dream up craving and often times find yourself highly impressed by the quality of the chef’s work.

There are restaurants all over Uptown that are perfect for different occasions – dinner with friends, the late-night party scene, etc. – but what about date night? The general ambiance throughout the entire neighborhood provides an ideal backdrop for a nice date out on the town, although some restaurants measure up to the task a little better than others. No matter what kind of cuisine or atmosphere you and your date are into, you are bound to find the perfect gem in Uptown. Here, in no special order, are quite possibly the top five best date restaurants in Uptown Dallas (and all five are located on McKinney Ave):

1. Avanti Ristorante

Avanti Ristorante

Italian restaurants have traditionally been accepted as a good location for a date. The sentiment surrounding the Italian culture is great at helping to promote a romantic evening. Avanti Ristorante does not disappoint. This cozy, yet upscale bistro will allow you and your date to chat over impressive dishes such as the Pernod steamed mussels, spinach lasagna and crab meat crusted sea bass.



2. Black Friar Pub

Black Friar Pub Also located on McKinney Ave, the Black Friar Pub is perfect for the couple looking for a move lively and laid-back atmosphere. With indoor and outdoor seating, complete with an impressive beer garden, this restaurant dangerously walks the line between refined and fun-loving. Ornate woodwork, acquired from all over the world, is seen throughout the restaurant’s interior. Munch on a chicken & leek pie or chipotle-avocado burger while you and your date are sipping on a couple of cold beers available from all over the world.


3. Crú

CruFor the more sophisticated date night, considering taking your partner to Crú – possibly the best food and wine bar in Uptown. Boasting a wide selection of over 300 different wines, Crú will also dazzle your date with their dining selection. While the fig & gorgonzola bruschetta and the seared sea scallops are delicious, Crú’s real culinary specialty lies in their stone fire pizzas varieties such as roasted wild mushroom.






4. Baboush

BaboushHow can a Moroccan restaurant that has self-described “sexy drinks” such as the Lebanese Night and Blackberry Seduction not be the perfect location for a date? With a relaxing, middle-eastern ambiance, Baboush combines amazing food with an atmosphere that will wow all of your senses. On nice evenings, there is not very much better than sitting outside, sipping a “sexy drink”, snacking on some dolma or hummus and puffing on one of the flavorful hookahs that the restaurant has available.


5. Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille

Perry'sIf you want to thoroughly impress your date with a top of the line, fine dining experience, then Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille should be at the top of your list. Not only is the restaurant classy and sophisticated, and the service top-notch, but the food is some of the most delectable in the entire city. Whether you’re having one of their signature dishes such as fried asparagus or the southwest filet mignon, both you and your date’s mouths and stomachs will be thanking the chefs at this fine steakhouse.