Uptown Dallas Turtle Creek

Uptown Dallas Turtle Creek

January 4, 2013
Chase Heckendorn
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Dallas is a city with many unique sights and astonishing landmarks. Strolling along the city center or Uptown Dallas one can find a neighborhood they can identify with. One of the friendliest and most popular growing areas in the city is Turtle Creek; a neighborhood running along a scenic Trinity River, starting in Reverchon Park and winding down through the greater Oak Lawn district into the adjacent Highland Park and the Turtle Creek Boulevard in Dallas, Texas.

Although not the official name, Turtle Creek has become the popular adopted nickname for the Oak Lawn neighborhood. The nickname refers to the zone between downtown Dallas and Oak Lawn. However, Uptown itself is a part of the Oak Lawn district, as is the Turtle Creek neighborhood. One can say Turtle Creek has become the official landmark for the area.

Thanks to the Turtle Creek Association, which was subsequently formed over 25 years ago, members preserve, protect and enhance the Turtle Creek Corridor’s natural beauty for all who drive, walk or jog along the creek. Turtle Creek Association leaders have been key in preserving a valuable natural resource for the City of Dallas. The area has played a prominent role in the city’s early history and has quite a few stories to tell. Thanks to their efforts Turtle Creek has grown into an elegant yet unpretentious community.

Turtle Creek is home to a number of business and real estate properties, many of which have addresses away from Turtle Creek Boulevard. But being it such an iconic area many still hold on to the name due to its reputation. Turtle Creek comprises approximately 80 city blocks with 90 acres of green space including natural preserves. Many lofts Uptown Dallas Apartments, luxury townhomes and modern high-rises have been built making  Turtle Creek their home.

Anyone looking for upscale living and convenience will find Turtle Creek a wonderful place to call home. Many of the buildings and lofts offer:

  • Proximity to Dallas Love Field, West Village, Uptown Dallas Apartments, attractions including the American Airlines Center, and the Highland Park Village
  • Recreational opportunities including instant access to the Katy Trail, green areas, and amazing scenery.
  • Cultural attractions such as the Dallas Theater Center, the Downtown Arts District, restaurants and a small yet classy night scene.

If you live in Dallas or just visiting, taking time to come see Turtle creek will make the trip worthwhile. This is just one of the many secrets the City of Dallas has for its citizens and visitors.