Sneak Preview of The Lot in East Dallas

Sneak Preview of The Lot in East Dallas

February 22, 2013
Chase Heckendorn
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The Lot

What many long time East-Dallasites remember as the Yacht Club is soon re-opening it’s doors to the public as The Lot.  Though the two have little in common other than their shared-address, I think many of us that drove by the vacant, run-down building day after day knew it had some real potential. It appears to have fallen into the right hands.

What I had envisioned before visiting The Lot was a Katy-Trail Ice House meets Sandbar Cantina. After taking two steps in this place I realized it was much, much more – in a good way. Take the beer garden of Katy Trail Ice House, the atmosphere of Goodfriend, plus a completely unique and surprisingly upscale restaurant and bar area (almost Cedars Social-like in a way), blend the three together and you might imagine something that resembles The Lot.

According to the press release on Feb. 19th, owner John McBride, whose family previously owned and operated El Fenix explains the concept: “The idea is to create a modern-day third place, giving our neighbors a new place to unwind and savor a meal that’s unique and extraordinary — a place they can call their own”. In my opinion, McBride has put the right pieces in place to accomplish his vision.


Things to Do 

Adult Playground (No Kids Allowed) – Washer Pits and Cornhole

Children’s Playground (No Adults Allowed) – Sandboxes, Chalk Boards, Oil-Drum Bulls, and Tires.

Screened-in Outdoor Seating – Laid-back outdoor atmosphere. Heaters for the colder months.

Dog-Friendly Patio

Outdoor Beer Garden – Great for big-groups & happy hours.

Access to the Santa Fe Trail – Though not currently connected, it is in the works.

Upscale Bar – About 15 Beers on tap and fully stocked bar.

Nice Interior Dining Room – Though the exterior is cool, I think everyone will be blown away by the main dining room.  Casual, though much more upscale than you might expect.


Things Not Available

Not a Volleyball Destination

No Pool Tables or Shuffle Board (RIP Yacht Club)


What Everyone is Waiting For – Pictures, Pictures, Pictures – Click to Enlarge

Contact & Details


Address: 7530 East Grand Ave. Dallas, TX 75214

Phone: 214.321.1990

Read the Press Release: