Live/Work Lofts in the Village

Live/Work Lofts in the Village

January 28, 2021
Chase Heckendorn
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You read that correctly. Live/work lofts. In the Village.

If you’ve driven through the Village neighborhood anytime in the last couple of years you’ve undoubtedly noticed the construction & new developments in the works. The land that was previously reserved for sports fields and the “Village Country Club” has been closed for some time. Meanwhile, the developers have been hard at work re-imagining the space.

The Village team recently unveiled The Drey apartments which are absolutely stunning. In addition to traditional one and two bedroom apartments they also developed two Live/Work loft units that look like something out of Modern Magazine. Floor to ceiling windows, roll up doors, space to create, space to entertain. My theory is they’ve built something fit for Mark Cuban so he’ll move back in and bring his infamous Village story full-circle 😉.

There’s no doubt at this price-point there will likely be a very prominent artist, athlete or local celebrity that takes up residence in one of these lofts. Consider this your sneak peek into one of the coolest modern lofts we’ve ever featured…

Unit A – 2 Story (1700 sqft) – $5900/month. Available now.

Unit B – 3 Story (2376 sqft) – $6400/month. Available now.

If you’re interested, please reach out to our team at (214) 233-6455 or use our Contact page. We’d be happy to discuss use of space restrictions and schedule tours if it sounds like a good fit.