The Ultimate Loft Apartments

The Ultimate Loft Apartments

September 28, 2012
Chase Heckendorn
Dallas LoftsLofts

This week, we wanted to find some of the ultimate loft apartments to get ideas for decorating and design and décor.  In our business, we are lucky enough to see some of the most beautiful and tasteful loft apartments.  No matter the size, they feature some of the most creative decorating and design ideas.  The key to loft living is the ability to blend form and function.  Whether working with a smaller budget or one where money is no object, there are ideas and ways to make a loft look like a true showplace.

Ultimate Loft Kitchen.
 We all know space and storage are the key elements to a perfect kitchen.  Loft kitchens have the task of adding stylish flair to the need for space and storage.  In this loft kitchen where space is definitely an issue, the designer took into account all of the elements to make it a fully functioning kitchen.  It has space to work and plenty of storage for utensils, equipment and food combined with an inviting design that flows with the rest of the open area.  While there were probably no budget constraints, ideas to take from this are the L-shaped countertops with sink and range  with countertops above and below as well as the work table that doubles as a place to have a quick breakfast or lunch (we talked about this in a blog earlier this month).

Ultimate Loft Lighting.  Lighting can a bit of a bugaboo when it comes to ensuring there is enough light in a loft.  First and foremost, most lofts have huge windows which provide a lot of natural light at different times of the day.  From there, it is important to decide how to light the rest of the loft so that it complements the natural light.   This loft shows contemporary monorail lighting placed across the ceiling to accent the natural light during the day as well as provide enough light in the evening. Monorail and cable lighting are two contemporary and subtle ways to add the right amount of light without making the actual fixtures a focal point.

Ultimate Loft Aesthetics.  Interior designers are well trained in using the original elements around them when redesigning a loft apartment.  Because many of them are in rehabbed factory and warehouse buildings, it is common to have exposed pipes, open ceilings, support beams and exposed brick walls.  There is nothing more stylish than to see a loft that incorporates these original elements.  In this loft, all of the former elements of the factory are incorporated as a major part of the design.

Ultimate Two-Story Loft.  For loft space that has enormously high ceilings, designers and architects have the ability to add a second floor in order to maximize the space. The most popular way to add a second floor to a warehouse loft is to use beams and supports to add an exposed area with contemporary railing and a staircase to the upper part of the loft.  If there is enough space above, an idea is to create a hallway of sorts where artwork and bookcases become a focal point.

Ultimate Use of Loft Space.  The main aesthetic of a loft apartment is the openness of the space.  Usually just one huge room, the main goal is to create the illusion of separate rooms without putting up walls that do away from the biggest draw.  To do this, it is important to decide what “rooms” need the most natural light and then lay out the rest of the home to flow.

The Ultimate in Loft Apartments

The perfect warehouse loft apartments have an ease about them that makes people gravitate to them and home dwellers never want to leave.  No matter the size or the layout of the space, there are ways to incorporate form and function to create the ultimate in loft apartments.  Just get creative!!